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End of Infinity?

Remember Infinium Labs? Promoters called it "the most exciting investment of 2005." The Company was supposed to deliver a "Phantom" gaming system - but never did. Now a New York attorney appears to be the latest player in this scandal. Are there more beans to be spilled?

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Tweet, Tweet - We're on Twitter Now

8/10/09 Looking for regular updates and reports from StockPatrol? Look for us on Twitter. We will be tweeting our latest thoughts on Wall Street's latest scams and shenanigans. So start following us on Twitter at

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Know Your Broker - Investors Can Fight Back

7/12/09 When can a customer file a claim against a stock broker? And how? We look at investor rights - beginning with the arbitration process.

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Beware the Evil Twins

7/2/09 The federal securities laws encourage disclosure by public companies. So what were legislators thinking when they drafted Regulation S and Form S-8.

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Don't Bank On It

7/28/08 Will the fall of Indy Mac trigger other bank collapses? Depositors wait anxiously. Investors have a different concern. Were they fully informed of the risks when they bought bank stocks?

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Know Your Broker - What Customers Need To Know About Unsuitable Trades

7/15/08 A falling stock market knows no friends. Disgruntled investors could soon be fighting with their brokers about unsuitable transactions.

Investigative Reports

CMKM Diamonds - The Hammer Falls

4/16/08 On June 24, 2004, we first wrote about CMKM Diamonds, warning investors to beware of misleading press releases and bogus information. Since then, has published over 30 articles renewing those warnings. Now the SEC has filed a lawsuit charging a massive fraud by the people behind CMKM. Should anyone be surprised?

News and Commentary

The Governor Has No Clothes

3/11/08 He was a child of privilege, but Elliot Spitzer joined the wrong club - an online call girl service called the Emperors Club. Now Spitzer is better known as Client 9 and Wall Street is ready to revel in the fall of a bully.

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The Penny Stock Epidemic - The Tangled Web They Weave

2/20/08 Penny stock fraud is spreading around the globe - and there is no end in sight. How can investors recognize and protect themselves against these schemes?

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Playing By The Rules - Form 8-K

2/1/08 What is Form 8-K? When must it be filed? A brief summary from Stock Patrol.

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